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Amy Willerton Poses For FHM And Talks About James Bond And Her Game Of Thrones Crushes – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 02 July 2014

Amy Willerton in open front swimsuit showing her boobs - FHM 2014Amy Willerton Poses For FHM And Talks About James Bond And Her Game Of Thrones Crushes – the 21-year old model is posing for some sexy photos in this month’s FHM and has been talking about her hopes¬†for the future and letting us all know some of her girl crushes.

When she was in I’m a Celebrity she won plenty of admirers, especially when she was seen in the famous jungle shower. You can tell just how much exposure her I’m A Celebrity spot gave her as she found herself placed right up at 22 position in this year’s FHM Sexiest Woman in the World list, which was published this May.

Her current set of FHM photos sees the Bristol born beauty in a variety of poses in most of which she can be seen in either a small bikini or a zipped open swimsuit and covered in oil. A you can see from the photos here she is in fantastic shape.

As well as all those great photos the FHM article also has an interesting interview with Amy in which she discusses some of her future ambitions and also reveals who her main girl crush is. A clue for that last one is that Amy is a huge Game of Thrones fan.

In the mag she makes a big plug as far as her major acting ambition goes, saying that she would most love to be a Bond girl. Read the rest of this entry »

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Red Carpet Winners At The 2013 Military Awards – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 December 2013

Amy Willerton in beautiful white lace gown at Military Awards 2013

Amy Willerton

Red Carpet Winners At The 2013 Military Awards – tonight saw the 2013 Military Awards being held at the National Maritime Museum in London and as well as red carpet favourites Holly Willoughby and Carol Vorderman we also saw Amy Willerton straight from her recent stint in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity.

Carol Vorderman’s choice of outfit divided opinion as she wore a white Grecian style full-length gown with a bold gold design that ran from her neck down through her cleavage to her hips. Whilst some liked the dramatic look others described it as a little odd and it certainly looked like she had been inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s performance in 60’s blockbuster Cleopatra.

Someone who had only positive comments about their red carpet choice was curvy Queen of Cleavage, Holly Willoughby, who wore a stylish red gown designed by Suzanne Neville that featured a plunging neckline to show off that famous fashion accessory of hers.

Holly is a big fan of Suzanne Neville’s and has often worn her designs. In fact, the famous black lace number she wore on The Voice when she was the focus of criticism for showing more cleavage in an attempt to boost the show’s flagging ratings, was a Neville creation.

21-year old model and former beauty queen Amy Willerton must have almost come to the event straight from the airport after her recent return from the jungle but you couldn’t have guessed that she had little time to prepare for the event. She wore a beautiful long white gown that featured a lace design and she looked a world away from her shorts and t-shirt look of the past few weeks.

Another winner on tonight’s red carpet was Myleene Klass who wore a shorter green and black printed dress that featured a cheeky semi see-through top section that offered a glimpse of the presenter’s white bra. Read the rest of this entry »

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Amy Willerton Looking Hot In The Water – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 21 November 2013

Amy Willerton hands behind head leaning back showing cleavage in pink bikiniAmy Willerton Looking Hot In The Water – the former Miss Universe Great Britain ramped up her bid to stay in the jungle in the latest series of I’m A Celebrity as she took to the famous waterfall shower in a hot pink bikini that showed off her amazing body.

She has spent much of her time in the jungle flirting outrageously with Joey Essex seemingly to the annoyance of many of the other jungle inhabitants who have remarked that it is like ‘watching porn’ seeing the two together.

Both of them had made a big thing of the fact that they were single going into the show and it came as no surprise to anyone watching when the flirting started right away. Joey did seem to have upset Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington as he remarked that Amy was the only person in the camp he could flirt with. The 23-year old quickly said that what he had actually said was that Amy was the only person who was available to flirt with if he wanted to. Nice save attempt Joey!

The fit woman in a bikini showering section of the series has become a highlight since 2006 when Myleene Klass first showed off her body in a bikini waterfall scene that has become one of the all-time I’m A Celebrity highlights. Myleene’s appearance in a bikini not only won her a lot of new fans but also earned her a substantial sum of money after Marks & Spencer signed her for a bikini ad campaign following her appearance under the waterfall.

The scene made such an impact that many people believe it was the main reason that some celebrities like Nicola McLean and Helen Flanagan were invited to take part in the show.

Early betting forecasts showed that Amy was a likely prospect to go very early in the series whilst Joey was seen as an early frontrunner to win the show. It seems that after her impressive wet shower scene that Amy’s odds may have taken a turn for the better as regards staying on the show. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m A Celebrity Line-Up Is Confirmed – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 13 November 2013

Amy Willerton shows off bikini body Miss Great BritainI’m A Celebrity Line-Up Is Confirmed – today saw the ITV team confirm the final line-up for the new series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

There were a few names that had been talked about for some time with Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington getting a few headlines this week after it was said she is to receive a fee of ¬£80k for going into the jungle. Rebecca had previously talked about wanting to be a competitor on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing but after that didn’t work out she seemed keen to go on another reality tv programme.

The two names that will make most viewers think of the famous I’m A Celebrity waterfall shower are former Miss Great Britain Amy Willerton and actress Lucy Pargeter, who is best known to viewers here in the UK as Chas Dingle in Emmerdale.

We would guess that Amy is likely to make the biggest initial impact on the show. She is a former contestant in Miss Universe as well as being the winner of Katie Price’s fashion show Signed By Katie. She has a fantastic bikini body so viewers can expect to see much more of that over the comings days.

As far as her relationship with Katie Price goes that seems to have come more than a little strained after Amy refused to sign on with Katie’s management company after she had won the show. You can bet that will be a topic of conversation round that old campfire! Read the rest of this entry »

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